I recently travelled to London and my colleague recommended that I connect with Henrietta and do a tour with her.

Fortunately I did and the experience was unbelievable. Not only is Henrietta incredibly knowledgeable about London and its history but her enthusiasm and personality about her country brings the Kings and Queens of yesteryear alive and present. She is insightful, smart and loves her city. I really didn’t expect to fall in love with London and now I cannot wait to go back and explore more of not only the city but the region with Henrietta. I highly recommend using her services; you will not be disappointed.


When I called Henrietta to make arrangements for our tour of London, I explained that I was looking for a non traditional exposure to the city.

I did not want bus tours and I did not want to do traditional tours of tourist sights.  We discussed my personal interests and preferences and Henrietta set out to give me the experience of a lifetime.  We explored street markets, she made the Tube easy to understand and she took us on daily excursions to fascinating places – some landmarks and some off the beaten path.  With the thousands of tourists that we encountered, we never – not once – ever had to wait in line or get involved with another group of people.
Our excursions were always intimate – just the three of us with Henrietta – or the four of us when there was another guide involved.  Henrietta knows EVERYONE of importance and has connections everywhere!  We always by passed lines, went in side doors and found quiet places for discussions.  I was singularly impressed with Henrietta’s knowledge of history but was totally blown away by her enjoyment of sharing bits of history that made the educational portions of the tour fascinating, interesting and always left me wanting more.  Not only were her personal skills remarkable, but she incorporated other guides into our sessions who had a passion and a zealous mission to share their expertise in areas that were of especial personal interest to them.
I have not had a private city guide experience like the one that Henrietta customized for us and I would recommend her to the Queen herself!  Yes, even Her Majesty would be fascinated, educated and blown away by the sites, sounds and explorations of a whole new London!
When my friends ask me about the high points of our trip to London, I explain that every day was a high point with Henrietta!
I highly recommend the services of Henrietta Ferguson and would be more than happy to give personal recommendations regarding our specific experiences.

Doug Shaffer

I engaged Henrietta for 3 days of private touring for myself and my almost 16 year old daughter over Christmas of 2016. In a word the experience was fabulous, the time we spent with her will be forever remembered.

When I engaged her through a travel agent Henrietta took the very nice step of calling me directly both getting a sense of who we were and what we wanted but also sharing a bit of herself as well. I immediately found her to be relaxed, funny, warm, engaging and knowledgeable. She also followed up with a couple of performance and dining suggestions that created another highlight of our trip and something we never would have found out about without her.

Henrietta showed up promptly for every one of our days with her and every day was orchestrated flawlessly. I engaged her with a private driver as well which made an immense difference. My daughter had been working extremely hard at school up to a couple of days before our trip and I had not taken time off for over a year. Having the chauffeur driven Mercedes whisk us from location to location made the experiences an order of magnitude better.

Our three days involved one day of London (with an emphasis on Harry Potter) as well as some of the other great historical places like The Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral, another day brought us a private tour of Kensington Palace and then Windsor Castle (astounding and a real highlight), our final day of touring included the morning in Oxford followed by a private tour of Harry Potter Studios.

Henrietta brought everything to life with a deep knowledge as well as an exuberance about all the different places, both present and historical, we visited. She also was familiar with every in and out of the locales as well as knowing when to engage, defer to or enhance the local staff and guides to give us the best possible experience.

I have engaged tour guides in other European cities who have been excellent, Henrietta though towers above the rest in both skill and wonderful effervescent personality.

– Paul Josephson, NYC

When we started touring with Henrietta, our sons were 8 and 10 and our daughter was 13 years old.

I was very pleased with how Henrietta was able to relate to all members of our family!  We all loved being with her as she made the sights and history of London come alive in an exciting way and maintained the interest of everyone.  Over the years, she has guided us to Stonehenge, Bath, The Cotswolds, Wimbledon, Windsor Castle & Hampton Court Palace.  Every experience has been outstanding!  We have referred Henrietta to our friends who have had an equally wonderful experience.  We have worked with many guides over the years but Henrietta ranks at the top.  I truly wish that we had someone with Henrietta’s enthusiasm and experience in every destination where we travel.”

Dale Stockamp

A cute story concerning our 11 year old daughter, Elizabeth.

Upon our return from London, a friend of mine asked Elizabeth if she got a chance to meet the Queen while visiting London, she replied “No, I met Henrietta instead” I doubt the Queen would have known as much about Harry Potter as Henrietta did! Can you tell she made quite an impression?  My husband and I both agree that the money we spent on tours with your company was probably the best money spent on the trip!

Thanks again.

Lourie Cosper

Thanks again for such informative and fun tours! I could not have asked for a more delightful guide.

In a recent communication to the General Manager of The Ritz London I did sing your praises and said how impressed I was with the tours provided and specifically with you as my guide.

An autographed copy of my book was mailed to you this morning. Have a great day and know that you are appreciated!

Jane Westmoreland

My family and I recently spent the better part of two weeks with Henrietta and she was absolutely amazing!

I had my 12 year old daughter, 10 year old son, 7 year old daughter and my 69 year old mother in tow for a trip primarily based in London, but with side trips to Oxford, Hampton Court Palace, and Windsor Castle.

Henrietta was a joy to be with.  She is very knowledgeable and engaging and my children loved her (as did I).  She really made this our best family vacation ever.  She had our itinerary very well planned out, but was also flexible and willing to accommodate inevitable changes in the schedule.

She even took my mother and children on two of the side trips (Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace) on her own as I had obligations to be elsewhere.

Our experience with Henrietta could not have been better.  It was very educational and lots of fun!   She is a lovely woman and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tricia Searcy

Thank you on behalf of Bea, myself and all our Federal Marketing Visitors who thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the tour.

Our Receptionist said they were all very animated when they came back to the office and were talking about what they’d seen and heard very enthusiastically!  You pitched the tour exactly right with enough dates and names filled in with the anecdotes.

We’ll certainly keep you in mind with other visitors, if that’s ok with you.

Dawn Slaughter – UK
Henningson, Durham & Richardson International, Inc.

I want to enthusiastically support and recommend your services.

You were totally professional with us, very knowledgeable of everything we visited and very efficient in getting around the London traffic.  Your personality and energetic nature just made our trip more fun.  Hopefully, we can enjoy your talents again soon.  Thanks again.

Perry Ozburn – USA
Ozburn Hollow Farm

We had a glorious day.

Today my friends and I were escorted on a London Full Day Tour by Henrietta. Henrietta was extremely knowledgeable and was very charming with a wonderful sense of humor. The day went by too quickly.

Thank you so much for adding a nice experience to our trip.

Karen Fox

I would highly recommend Henrietta as a tour guide.

I am now home and just wanted to let you know what a great job Henrietta did. She organised a change of date for our tour due to the Gay Pride Rally and was thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable.

– Australia

We wanted to send a personal thank you for a wonderful tour of London on June 12.

While our time in London was very limited you insured that we saw as much with as little down times as possible.  Your extra knowledge and contacts at the Tower of London made the tour that much more special. On our next trip to London we will allot more time to visit the sites and will most assuredly request you as our personal tour guide. If you are ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area please feel free to contact us.

Claudia & Ken Woodruff
-Atlanta, USA

We loved being with you and found it so interesting.

Susan and Aida join me in thanking you for the time you spent with us in London.

We look forward to reconnecting with you on our next visit to London!

If by some chance you will be in the USA, I would love to share Boston and it’s history with you and your family.

Marjorie Goldy
-Boston, USA

I would like to acknowledge Henrietta as an excellent guide for our tour.

She was very informative, flexible, and accommodating to our whims. My sister and I felt very at ease with her which made our tour very relaxing. Her knowledge about the areas we visited was excellent. I would and will recommend her to my family and friends.

Thank you.

Peg Thayer and Dedee Dalebout

I wanted you to know that Elizabeth had a wonderful time with Henrietta yesterday.

They got along just beautifully and Elizabeth said Henrietta was “very knowledgeable”.  Her e-mail went into great detail of the places they saw and visited.  My many thanks for a most enjoyable and memorable experience for her.

Thank you so very much again!!

Susan Welden